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Introducingsuperpowered meal plans
A meal kit experience — through your supermarket
Weekly menus. Ultimate flexibilty.

Weekly menus. Ultimate flexibilty.

Meal plans from chefs, new recipes each week, and the flexibility to use any other recipes you like.

New recipes each week

Swap from 150+ recipe library

Return to favourites

Choose as many recipes as you like

Scale servings

Meal kit experience. Supermarket prices.

Meal kit experience. Supermarket prices.

Grossr integrates with online supermarket shopping, for a meal kit experience - without the bad parts.

Choose click & collect or delivery

Remove ingredients you already have or don't like

No need to cancel in advance

Less plastic packaging

Zero markups, just $4.50/week

Your whole shop. Done in minutes.

Your whole shop. Done in minutes.

Combine meal kit convenience with your weekly supermarket top ups.

Add cereal, milk and toothpaste to the same shop

Remove ingredients you already have

Order groceries when you need them

Shop in-store from an instant checklist on your phone

Get started for$4.50 a week
New recipes each week, and the easiest grocery shop... ever
Vegetarian spring dinners

Delicious, well-balanced vegetarian dinners that will always satisfy! My meals are based on seasonal veggies, with recipes inspired by dishes and flavours from India, Mexico, Vietnam, Italy and Japan. You'll get warming soups and curries, plus hearty salads, rice bowls and pastas. I hope you enjoy!

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Gluten free meals

Four gluten-free dinner recipes each week, created specifically for those with coeliac disease or others who must follow a gluten free diet. With recipes provided by Coeliac NZ, this meal plan has been curated by Grossr to make cooking easy, interesting, and delicious – while adhering to a gluten free diet. Enjoy the convenience of a gluten free meal kit. Note: all recipes meet the FSANZ nil detected standard of gluten free, however the meal plans themselves have not been separately reviewed by a registered dietitian.

Family-friendly meals

Our meal plan was created to make weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking easy and affordable for families. Every week we send you five easy dinner recipes and one recipe for a dessert. Our curated meal plan includes a mix of vegetarian, meat and fish options; super quick and slow-cooker recipes; Friday treats and healthy, well-balanced meals that everyone will love. The focus is always the same: easy to make, affordable, nutritious, and delicious.

Packed with smart features

Auto-shop online

Smart ingredient checklists

Add and swap recipes

Scale servings

Click & collect or delivery

Collect your favourite recipes

About meal plans
How it works
1. Select a meal plan

Get new weekly recipes & access the recipe library

2. Create shopping list

Your recipes instantly become an editable ingredient checklist

3. Auto-shop groceries

Seamlessly send your list to supermarket online shopping

Use recipes from our library
More recipe options for ultimate flexibility

Garlic bread

What people are saying...

I enjoy the convenience and recipe inspiration of meal kits, but don't love the price tag - Grossr provides those benefits, while also speeding up my weekly shop - and at a much more affordable price.



I’ve used lots of different meal kits, but Grossr is great because there are so many recipes to choose from, you can adapt them to suit your family – and there’s way less packaging. Everyone in the family has loved the meals!

Megan R.


Such a cool concept that works better than I had imagined! The supermarket integration is so good, and it's brilliant that you can remove your staples.



Grossr has made sorting out the weekly shop (and deciding what to make) much easier!



Grossr has so many benefits - it’s seamless to use and combines the convenience of a meal kit with my weekly supermarket top ups!

Megan B.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many servings does Grossr provide?

Our recipes are scalable, so you can change the serving quantities to suit your needs. However, most recipes are created with 2 or 4 servings in mind, so keep an eye out - scaling recipes to 1 serving or 10 may create issues, like incorrect cooking times.

Once you subscribe to a meal plan, you'll receive new recipes each week - plus access to Grossr's recipe library. You can turn any recipes you like into an ingredient checklist on your phone for easy in-store shopping, or auto-shop the list through online supermarket shopping at New World.

You can get a weekly subscription of $4.50 per week, or a monthly subscription of $16 per month ($3.69 per week). Cancel at any time.

Yes... and no. Grossr has a meal plan and makes grocery shopping quick and easy, but rather than sending pre-measured ingredients, we use normal supermarket products. That means less packaging, more flexibility over the meals you choose, and no additional expenses.

Ready to remove the effort from your weekly shop?

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