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About us

Turning recipes by chefs & foodies into supercharged meal plans - that anyone can use.

The spark for Grossr came from the dread of deciding what to cook for dinner, and the drag of supermarket shopping. And while traditional meal kits were one solution, we found them too expensive, repetitive, commitment-heavy, and full of plastic waste.

We imagined another way, connecting talented and creative foodies with the possibilities of tech and online grocery shopping. Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to food, so why not build a platform that lets recipe creators provide a meal plan dedicated to people who love their kind of cooking?

With Grossr, we help foodies turn their recipes into flexible meal plans that anyone can use, and even shop as a meal kit through their local supermarket. We then transform their meal plans into smart ingredient lists, and give people the flexibility to customise their shopping to suit their lifestyle.

This means that foodies now have a platform to share and monetise their recipes, and everyone can find a meal plan or recipe selection that suits their diet, preferences, and lifestyle.

With Grossr, recipe creators can provide seriously usable meal plans - that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

The founding team

Nick Sinclair

Nick began building Grossr as a side project, avoiding spending an hour a week meal planning by pouring thousands of hours into a website that would do it for him. He’s now solving the “dinner” problem for Kiwis as his full-time job, but sometimes still gazes despondently into the fridge because he forgot to place his Grossr order. Nick spends his days plotting (strategising) and improving the Grossr platform. His background is in software engineering for tech startups.

Wyoming Paul

Wyoming started off as Nick’s sounding board, and woke up one day as Grossr co-founder. In the early days she mused that she’d been tricked into making Nick lunch every day in the guise of “creating a meal plan”, but now it seems pretty legit. She manages partnerships, content, and marketing, which often means talking to amazing people and making delicious food. Her background is in communications and marketing for tech startups, and she’s also a pretty decent homecook.