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The benefits of a meal kit,...
The benefits of a meal kit, without the hefty price tag
A meal kit alternative that's easier on the wallet
Nick Sinclair
Published Friday July 22 (11:12 pm)

Meal kits are a great way to put your weekly meal schedule on auto-pilot. But they’re inflexible, require cancelation in advance, often lack meal variety and involve a lot of plastic waste. And… they’re expensive. Most people who have used meal kits lament these same issues. Most who have never used them will continue to do so, for the same reasons.

As a former meal-kitter, I was no stranger to the game of hopping around from brand to brand, exploiting the discounts intended to reel in a user for exorbitant pricing down the track. But when the music stops, and the discounts expire, your bank account feels the pain. While cheaper meal kits exist, the compromise in taste and nutritional balance is jarring. So for those inclined to use meal kits, we must decide between the wallet and the taste buds. Or do we?

A solution

I realised this ultimatum was bogus. I realised it was possible to provide a service that achieved most of the convenience of a meal kit, at a fraction of the cost. On top of that, this service would also solve issues with inflexibility, plastic waste (to a degree) and customisability. When we consider the warehouses, staff and operational costs involved with a meal kit, the customer is footing the bill for a lot of infrastructure that already exists and is much cheaper: a supermarket.

By leveraging technology to hook meal plans up to supermarkets, we would get a meal-kit-like experience, but with the benefits and familiarity of a supermarket shop. Our recipes and their associated grocery lists would be sorted out, we could add and remove toiletries and snacks as needed and price-wise we’d be no worse off than a regular supermarket shop - which is about half the price of a meal kit. In a few clicks you could go from mixing and matching recipes, to selecting grocery delivery times, with your whole shop included.

I liked this idea. A lot. So I built it.

The result

The result, Grossr, is a platform for so-called supercharged meal plans. These are “smart” meal plans that can be turned into a meal kit through online supermarket shopping, in a few clicks. But it’s even more than that: instead of in-house chefs, Grossr is a marketplace, where any chef can register and list a meal plan, offering (eventually) huge variety in recipes and meal plans. And since we’re using tech to achieve all of this, flexibility is built-in. Scaling servings and removing ingredients you already have are easy. The days of having endless garlic bulbs or a lack of honey are over (meal kitters will understand).

In the grand scheme of things, we are still in our early days. While our supermarket tech has been around for a while now, we’ve been laying low and working to develop a product we think people will love. We’ve been working with users and chefs to create something that aids both. Chefs get paid for meal plans, users save money on meal kits. Having recently released the “real product”, replacing the previous beta version, we now believe we have created a truly win-win business, and we’re proud to present the result to the world.

We're currently offering a free trial, so feel free to check it out.

About the author

Grossr CEO and co-founder. Tired of worrying about what to put on the dinner table and finding meal kits too inflexible and expensive, I built Grossr as a solution for myself - and all Kiwis.

- Nick Sinclair



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