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How to auto-shop an ingredi...

How to auto-shop an ingredient list through your supermarket

Turn your recipes into a meal kit through your supermarket using auto-shop!

Wyoming Paul

With Grossr, the ingredients you need for your recipes are automatically added as a list of products on New World’s online shopping site. Here’s how to auto-shop!

1. Create a grossry list

2. Click ‘Auto-shop this list’

3. Remove staples you already have, or don’t want

4. Select your preferred store

5. Make product swaps if required

Tip: We’ll show you if ingredients are unavailable, and suggest alternatives which you can select.

6. Enter your New World login details

Tip: If you don’t have a New World account yet, click ‘Create account’ to produce one, then come right back!

7. Click the green button - we’ll send your ingredient list to New World’s online shopping!

Tip: Make sure the store selected in the New World website is the same one you selected in Grossr, so that the selected products match up!

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