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How to customise your ingre...

How to customise your ingredient list

Easily remove, swap, and add ingredients to your Grossr shopping list

Wyoming Paul

There are a few ways to edit and change your ingredient list, whether you’re shopping in-store or automatically with online shopping.

Shopping in-store

  1. Create a grossry list
  2. Enter ‘Edit mode’ to remove and add ingredients
  3. Push ‘Save changes’ when you’re done!

Auto-shopping online

  1. Create a grossry list
  2. Click ‘Auto-shop this list’
  3. Remove staples you already have, or don’t want
  4. Enter your preferred supermarket location - we’ll find available products at that store, which you can then swap and remove
  5. Once your ingredient list has been sent to New World, you can then search for additional items to add to your shop!

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