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How to use the Grossr recip...

How to use the Grossr recipe library for more recipes options

Search and browse for meals in the recipe library, and add your selection to the cart

Wyoming Paul

The recipe library is a constantly growing and changing deposit of our favourite recipes, which anyone with a subscription has access to use. You can add any of these recipes to your shop in just a few easy steps.

  1. Search for what you want: In the recipe library, search for keywords like “miso”, “chicken” or “pasta” to see the relevant recipes. You can also filter for categories like desserts, vegetarian, gluten free, and salads, to see a list of suggestions.
  2. Add recipes to cart: Once you’ve found a recipe you want to use, simply add it to your cart. In the cart, you can also alter the serving quantities for each recipe.
  3. Auto-shop or checklist: When you’re happy with the recipes in your cart, push ‘Create grossry list’ to create an ingredient checklist. From there you can auto-shop through New World, or get the checklist on your phone by scanning the QR code!

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