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Superpowered meal plans
Our meal plans connect to supermarket online shopping, providing a meal kit experience at supermarket prices.

Your weekly meals, sorted

We provide hand-picked recipe combinations each week, designed to maximise happiness and bang for your buck.

Save time shopping

With our auto-shop integration, you can have groceries en route in a click.

Mix it up

Add and remove recipes as you wish. Select and deselect ingredients you need or already have in the pantry.

How it works


New recipes every week

You'll be emailed new recipes each week, plus get access to our entire recipe library.


Generate a shopping list

Using the cart, create a shopping list based on recipes you've selected.


Auto-shop groceries

Once your list is created, you can shop it through online shopping, via your local supermarket.

Compared to traditional meal kits...

We created Grossr because we liked the convenience of traditional meal kits, but didn't love the price tag, plastic waste, or lack of flexibility. Unlike existing meal kits, Grossr is:

Waste conscious

You're buying regular products from your local supermarket or shops, so there's no extra single-serve packaging or cold packs. We also encourage using staple ingredients across recipes.

Incredibly flexible

Most meal kits have to be inflexible to stock their warehouses efficiently - we don't. Meal plans are only ever a suggestion, and recipes can be mixed and matched at any time.

Fits to your schedule

While our meal plan follow a release schedule for consistency, you can use your recipes to shop at any time. Plus, you can cancel your subscription without ending up with a box load of unused ingredients at your doorstep.

Local chefs

Our platform encourages and supports local chefs, meaning you're giving back to your community while benefitting from a diverse range of delicious recipes.



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